Ashley Forrestier's newest single is a tribute to her rich Louisiana heritage. Her infectious anthem, "I AM CREOLE", emphasizes pride and aims to reignite awareness about a culture grounded in family, food, dancing and music. The song is written and produced by New Orleans natives, Ashley Forrestier and fellow New Orleans native, Alverez the MostCold.

"I have always wanted to do a song celebrating my culture. Years ago our grandparents were shunned for speaking Creole, so a lot of the culture is lost. Now is the time to rejuvenate it and involve the younger Creole generation."

Generally speaking, "Creole" refers to a person of mixed colonial French, Spanish, African American, Native American or West African ancestry. Ashley personally feels, "Creole is a culture and a way of life; It is a rich culture with numerous contributions to food, entertainment and Louisiana history."

The Louisiana Anthem, "I AM CREOLE", is available at or via iTunes,,, Rhapsody & other digital retailers...

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